Roger Waters: Tsunami Aid TV show - European TV and download update
Written by Matt   
Monday, 17 January 2005

Further to our recent news stories about NBC's "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope", which featured a moving performance by former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, alongside Eric Clapton, we have an update on the possible broadcast on CNBC Europe.

We were in contact with CNBC's Director of Marketing Communications last week, who told us that there had been a last minute problem and they were unable to show it last weekend. However, the show has reappeared on their schedules for this coming weekend (in the early hours of Sunday morning, and early Sunday evening).

To clarify this, we got back in contact with their Director this afternoon, who confirmed that the show DEFINITELY ISN'T being shown this weekend. There are still problems to iron out, and they aren't sure yet whether they will be able to show it. However, they will keep us posted if this position changes.

It could be that people outside the US will get their first view of the show from the DVD that is due for release shortly.

Our friends in the US currently have the ability to download performances from the show, from Sony's, with the proceeds going to the appeal. Outside the US, CONNECT offers different content, and currently doesn't have any of the performances available.

We have raised this with Sony, who are investigating. If anything, there will be more demand in Europe and elsewhere, than in the US (where many would have recorded the show from television). And therefore, more scope for raising additional monies. Once we've heard back from Sony, we'll let you know.