Nick Mason's Inside Out Italian edition and free Pompeii DVD news
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 10 February 2005

As previously reported on these pages, the Italian language version of Nick Mason's excellent book "Inside Out" arrived on the shelves in Italy this week (on Wednesday 9th).

The book, published by Rizzoli Libri Illustrati, features a direct translation of the text by Globe Foligno. All the text and photos are identical to the UK version, however, the sub title has been changed from "A Personal History..." to "La Prima Autobiografia dei Pink Floyd" - or, "The First Autobiography of Pink Floyd".

This is an interesting change; one of the bones of contention with early attempts to bring out the book was that it was being sold as an official band biography, despite it just being Nick's view of events.

The change of title for this edition takes the personal angle away from the book, which could raise some eyebrows.

In other news for our Italian readers, the weekly magazine "L'Espresso" will be on sale from today with a free copy of the "Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii" Director's Cut DVD attached to the cover. There is more information on the magazine and a direct link to the offer page here.

Our thanks to Nicola from for the two bits of information above.