Pink Floyd get flower named after them
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Pink Floyd have had the unusual honour of a flower being named after them! Flower naming is a complicated business, and it is rare for new "versions" of flowers to be given such names. It is the first flower to bear their name.

Hippeastrum "Pink Floyd" (also known as an Amaryllis) is being displayed at a Royal Horticultural Show in London in February. As you can see from the picture to the right, it is a bright rose pink with a white heart, that spreads out like a trumpet. Since its introduction, it has already proved a popular Christmas plant in the UK.

Here's how a plant bulb dealer describes it: "Think pink! Pink that packs a wallop. This amaryllis holds nothing back and provides a fine focal point for a too-neutral decorating scheme. Ideal for densely planted pots or urns on each side of the front door - Pink Floyd will turn heads and win hearts. Rich raspberry pink with contrasting white midveins and a bright green eye. Softly fragrant."

Our thanks to Martin G for this rather unusual Floyd-related news!