Nick Mason to expose secret side of Pink Floyd?
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 17 March 2005

When Nick Mason's excellent new book, "Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd", came out, there were a few comments from various quarters about some of the stuff that didn't appear. For example, Roger Waters told Mojo Magazine that "it's a good, light read, but I'm surprised there's not more sex in it". And Jools Holland mentioned last year that Roger had asked him "where the sex was", in Nick's book. Nick's response to Jools was: "wait for Roger's book next year!"

However, if the story on the website is to be believed, Nick WILL be spilling the beans after all!

They report that Nick "plans to pen a sensational novel exposing the sordid scandals of his rock 'n' roll life - because they were too outrageous to be included in his memoirs. The identities of the fellow musicians involved will be changed when Mason begins writing the 'fictional' work, and the Dark Side Of The Moon star is excited about the intrigue the book will trigger.

"Mason's comprehensive autobiography INSIDE OUT: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF PINK FLOYD is his personal account of life in the legendary rock band, but Mason was too afraid of shaming his contemporaries to include certain anecdotes. He says, "I would like to write fiction, changing names, to include events too scandalous for this book. The trick is trying to decipher what's based on reality and what is an imaginative twist."

Obviously, if this story turns out to be true, we will have more information on this book as and when it becomes available!