Extensive interview with David Gilmour's guitar tech
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 29 March 2005

The new issue of Tape Op magazine (issue 46, March/April 2005) has now been published in the US, and includes a fascinating interview with Phil Taylor, who has worked with Pink Floyd for 30 years and is David Gilmour's right hand man. Amongst other things, Taylor has responsibility for the day-to-day running of Astoria, David's studio houseboat which resides on the River Thames.

The interview starts with Taylor giving the historical background to the houseboat, and the acquisition of it for David. Then, the detail begins to flow on setting up the studio to everyone's satisfaction.

For anyone interested in the highest end of audio equipment, or even just wanting to hear all of the many things involved in putting together a world-class recording facility, the interview provides a huge amount of in-depth information of every part of the set-up.

As the interview progresses, talk then turns to other people who regularly use the studio - the likes of Andy Jackson and James Guthrie.

Throughout the interview, conducted by Jeff Touzeau, a songwriter/producer/studio owner, the level of detail is just staggering! At one point, Phil Taylor admits that to many, the lengths that they have gone to might sound over-the-top, but the desire to record the very best sound possible was uppermost in everyone's mind.

A long, absorbing and fascinating interview, well worth checking out.

The magazine should be arriving in stores across the US now. Other articles within the pages include: Tommy Ramone - Producing The Ramones and The Replacements, Gordon Raphael - From Sky Cries Mary to The Strokes, reviews of studio equipment, CD reviews, and more. Our thanks to Todd Quade for tipping us off about this mag.