Nick Mason interview in San Francisco
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle had an interesting look at Nick Mason's new book, "Inside Out", and interviewed the Pink Floyd drummer about the creation of the tome. The article, headed "Drummer keeps stiff upper lip in Pink Floyd book that might set tongues wagging", has Nick talking about the past, the present, and what the future might bring.

The majority of the article looks at the creation of the book. "I sort of found something the other guys don't do; it's my solo album." The report notes that, after Nick had completed work on "Into The Red"/"At The Limit", which concentrates on his racing car collection, he decided to tackle the story of the band.

On the comments about Roger Waters writing the word "bollocks" on page after page of Nick's final draft, he said: "Roger made some good points" in typically understated manner. "I was always conscious that the others would have to read this," he said. "I would have had serious problems if anybody objected."

Looking to the future, the interview notes that he is already thinking about more book projects, a long way down the road from studying architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic. He concludes: "Thirty years of showing off -- it's been bloody wonderful," he says. "People telling me how great I am. I quite like it. And I was destined to do rather nice additions to existing Georgian buildings."

The whole interview/article can be read through this link. Our thanks to Jerry Ascierto and David Jacobs for letting us know about this.