Nick Mason "Inside Out" - New Jersey appearance
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 08 May 2005

We've recently reported tales of Nick Mason's appearances in the US, promoting his great new book "Inside Out - A Personal History Of Pink Floyd". With thanks to Devon Cioffi, we can now bring you detail on the final appearance - Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey.


April 20th – It was a hot spring day, perfect for meeting one of our idols, Nick Mason, drummer of the greatest band in history (need I even say Pink Floyd?). Only a few days before did I find that Nick was to appear just one town over from where we lived, it was indeed a dream come true.

Ecstatic, my friends and I made sure that we left as early as possible and 3:00pm for a 6:00pm book signing seemed reasonable, after all it was Nick Mason. After stopping off for gas, we were on our way to Ridgewood in my 1972 Beetle, an ideal way to travel anywhere, especially given the occasion.

When we arrived, Pink Floyd records in hand, we were shocked to find that we were three of about six people there at the time. An inviting seat right next to the door, first in line seemed to beckon to us. We talked with some of the other people there and swapped Floyd stories as we waited and gazed upon some rather amazing memorabilia. One man had a Wish You Were Here poster with the autographs of Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Rick Wright. Needless to say, it was his lucky day.

We bought our copies of Inside Out and after waiting some time and after a trip to Starbucks and back, it was clear that we were first in a line that now wrapped around the block. The sun was beating down and about two and a half hours after arriving, relief was on the way. A woman came out and announced that Nick was in the building.

Immediately I was overcome by a feeling that can only be compared to that of a child on Christmas morning. She told us that Nick had a book that he was passing around to have us sign as well. The black, leather-bound book was passed down the long line of people and the anticipation was rising. We were also told that Nick would sign one piece of Memorabilia per person, contradictory to what the ticket said, “No memorabilia, Please”.

Within minutes, the woman came back out and told us that Nick was ready to begin the signing. We took out our tickets and walked through the door of the bookstore. We were led down the stairs into the basement and we worked ourselves through a labyrinth of red ropes to assert ourselves at the front of the line, right in front of the table where Nick was to sit.

After a few minutes, it was nearly unbearable. The thought of meeting Nick Mason, the legendary drummer and only constant member of Pink Floyd always seemed more of an unattainable fantasy than a possibility... and here we were.

The room was filled and after what seemed like five minutes, Nick appeared out of a door in the back of the room, escorted by two employees. He walked up to the front of the room and told us once again about the book that he was having passed around to be signed. Then he declared that the signing was to begin. He was smiling and in seemingly good spirits. A friend of mine even managed to break him into laughter as he shouted out, “I love you!” before he sat down at the table.

I walked up, clutching my copy of the book, my silver marker and my Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle LP’s (Echoes and the Shine On commemorative book seemed like a bit much, so those stayed in the car). Nick didn’t hesitate to sign any of them. While I was waiting for my friends, I managed to ask Nick about his relations with David and he claimed that they were still in quite frequent contact, but Dave was obviously caught up in his solo project at the time.

There was a man by the table taking pictures, who was with the bookstore, but another enthusiastic Floyd fan whom we talked with while waiting outside was nice enough to take a picture of us with Nick on his new digital camera.

After reluctantly leaving Nick and walking up those stairs, we felt as if a great goal in life had been accomplished. We triumphantly walked out the door, clutching our books and records, only to find that the line had indeed grown longer. The parking ticket that I found under my windshield wiper hardly dampened my spirits, for that day was a day to remember.

Our thanks to Devon for the report.