Nick Mason news wrap-up
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 12 May 2005

We've got a clutch of news bits relating to Nick Mason, revolving, of course, around his latest book "Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd", and concerning interviews and another translation of the book.

First off, the Polish edition of the book has been formally announced now. In the tentative stages for a while (along with one or two other languages), more information (and soon, orders) can be found on the publishers ("In Rock") website. We don't have a publication date for this yet (it might be buried somewhere in the text but we don't read Polish!).

Our German and French visitors should be able to see Nick on Arte TV, as part of the Tracks magazine programme on June 2nd at 23:30hrs. More information can be found through this link.

Finally, back on April 26th we mentioned that the Italian Floydchannel would be interviewing Nick in Milan, on April 28th. They have made a video recording of the interview available to view online at their site, and it is an interesting look at, amongst other things:

    * The story behind his "Hokusay" drum kit
    * The pyramids story
    * Pulse DVD
    * Pink Floyd unplugged?
    * Is the Mclaren F1 better than the Ferrari Enzo?

You can imagine the question that received the most passionate answer... The interview was conducted by Enrico Soldatini and Zack Pirani, and is worth checking out through this link. It lasts for around 18 and a half minutes.

Our thanks to Hans Gerlitz for the Polish news and advance notice of the Arte broadcast, and Enrico for the video interview info.

If you haven't already got your copy of Nick's book, it really is an essential purchase. Amazon are promoting the book heavily on their websites, currently offering it at a well discounted price. It can be ordered through our special Amazon links: USA, Canada, UK/Elsewhere, Germany, or France (the French OR English language versions).