Own a bit of Pink Floyd history!
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 12 May 2005

Back on February 15th, we told you that Pink Floyd were going through their stage props, sitting in storage, to see what is still in reasonable condition.

One of the major pieces that they have sorted out, and is now just about to appear on eBay, is the legendary mirror ball flower, used for many years in various iterations and configurations as a focal part of the show, during Shine On You Crazy Diamond, but most recently on the 1994 Division Bell tour.

Here's how Paula Webb, who has been sorting out the stage stuff (and who also was responsible for the Paris Interstellar exhibition), describes them:

Pink Floyd Division Bell Tour Props

Individual Mirror Ball Petals from the Division Bell Mirrorball

Designed by Mark Fisher and made in California

These incredible petals formed the 6-metre diameter giant mirror ball that rose 18 metres on a retractable tower out of the mixing desk and burst apart, flooding the stadium with spectacular light before the show ended with a fireworks display.

Each mirrorball petal comes with a certificate of authenticity and of course, toured the world!

They aren't the smallest of pieces of memorabilia that you could own... they need two people to lift each petal as they weigh 60 kilos each (9 stone!!). They measure: 2.9 metres high x 1.25 metres wide x 6cm deep with a 36cm arc, and they do look stunning. See the photos here for an idea of what they are like...

The petals are due to appear on eBay next week, so keep an eye out for them. Very nice, unusual items, and genuine bits of Floyd equipment.

Our thanks to Paula for her invaluable help and the information.