Pink Floyd definitely not "confirmed for Live 8 concert"
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Since the Live 8 concert was announced yesterday, the rumour mill has stepped up a gear, and there are fresh claims in many parts of the international media that Pink Floyd are confirmed as appearing. Many of these state that the band are performing in the Philadelphia part of the show.

We spoke to Pink Floyd's manager this evening to clarify matters. It was confirmed categorically to us, that the band are NOT taking part in the show, and there are currently no discussions to place the matter under consideration. The four that could possibly confirm their appearance - Pink Floyd Management, Mark Fenwick (Roger Waters' manager), LD Communications (who are handling the show), and Bob Geldof - have made NO announcements regarding the Floyd involvement.

Any talk, therefore, of them appearing is just wishful thinking on the part of whoever is spreading this rumour. Whilst we have mentioned this previously, the press coverage since the announcement has stepped up the stories of the band appearing, so we wanted to ensure you have the latest clarification of what is (or indeed, isn't) happening.

Our thanks to Pink Floyd Management and LD Communications for their assistance, as ever.