Live 8 updates
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 09 July 2005

A number of people attending the show were unable to get hold of certain items of merchandise at the London Live 8 concert, on July 2nd.

Limited stocks of some of the t-shirts, keyrings, limited edition programmes and more, are now currently available from the event's official website - Act quickly though - we understand that many items are almost sold out; the great thing is that all the profits go towards the charity, so we urge you to visit and do some shopping!

The programme itself is well-worth snapping up - giving a page to every artist at every show, it is a heavy, glossy beast.

In other news, we get reports that yesterday's rebroadcast made by MTV and VH1 of the concert went well, with the mistakes of a week ago taken on board and not repeated. This time, viewers saw the whole Pink Floyd performance from beginning to the very end - including the arm-in-arm farewell.

For those who want to get a flavour of the event, our full review can be read elsewhere on this site. A selection of Brain Damage visitors' views are currently being collated, and will be posted in the next day or so, along with some galleries of pictures of the much anticipated reunion of Roger Waters with Pink Floyd. We hope you enjoy them all!