Roger Waters talks about Live 8 reunion, and the Blues
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Roger Waters was interviewed recently by Austin Scaggs, of Rolling Stone, about the reunion with Pink Floyd, at the London Live 8 concert on July 2nd, and their website has this evening posted the interview. It is a fascinating insight into Roger's views about the reunion, his love of the blues, and his future activities.

What is clear is how much Roger enjoyed Live 8, and how he was prepared to let bygones be bygones for the performance. "I enjoyed playing bass [at Live 8]. It was more fun than I can remember having with Pink Floyd twenty-five years ago. But at Live 8 everything was easy. I was there to enjoy myself."

He continued: "I was very happy -- I definitely felt warm and cuddly toward everyone in the band. I decided that if anything came up in rehearsals -- any difference of opinion -- I would just roll over. And I did." He flatly denies talk of a future tour in the U.S., even for the reported $150 million payday. "I don't really need it," he says. "It would be a very hot ticket. That said, I didn't mind rolling over for one day, but I couldn't roll over for a whole fucking tour."

Scaggs asked him what he thought David Gilmour felt: "He did send me an e-mail afterward, saying, "Hi, Rog, I'm glad you made that phone call. It was fun, wasn't it?" So he obviously had fun."

The full interview can be read through this link.