Roger Waters - Rome "Ca Ira" concert
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 03 August 2005

As we've reported before, there have been many comments regarding a performance of Roger Waters forthcoming opera "Ca Ira", in Italy.

Today, in Rome, it was announced that the Auditorium Parco della Musica in the city would be staging the performance on November 17th. The organisers said that it would be performed by 100 members of the Rome Symphony Orchestra, along with an 80-strong choir, some of which will be children (who feature in the piece). They also noted that Roger himself may conduct. And, just to make it official, Roger's manager confirmed to us that this was the case.

Tickets for the event, due to start at 9pm, will be sold from September 5th directly from the venue. Prices haven't yet been announced.

The venue website gives a bit of detail on the hall. The 3,400 square metre, 2,800 seat Sala Santa Cecilia (Santa Cecilia Hall) is one of the most innovative concert halls in the world of music. It was conceived for symphonic concerts, and comfortably holds both an orchestra and chorus. The ample 336 square metre stage is set in the centre, and given its modular structure, allows for perfect visibility and optimal acoustics.

The lowered acoustical ceiling, a conceptual innovation, is made of 26 shells in American cherry wood, each of which has a median surface area of about 180 square metres. The orchestra and balconies are also covered in wood, making the entire Sala a resonating chamber of optimal acoustic performance.

As soon as we have more information on this show, we'll let you know.