December 1996 - Vancouver radio, Canada

Q: So, we have to ask you this question, when is it gonna happen, when is Pink Floyd gonna get back together?

Rick Wright: I hate to say when, 'cause it may not happen when, but all I can say is that I am pretty sure, that within the next year we will be playing together in the studio.

Q: Really? The rumour that we've heard is that it'll be the year 2001.

Rick Wright: Yeah, well...that's too long away!

Q: There was something that showed up, I don't know, in the paper somewhere.

Rick Wright: Well, yeah, I did the calculations, and I maybe started this rumour that the band works in 7 year cycles, so if the tour finished in '94, you add seven and it makes it 2001. But I really thing we'll...we will be doing it before then.

Q: What's the situation with Roger Waters, you probably don't like to talk about it, but are you guys on better terms nowadays?

Rick Wright: Umm...I don't know, and the reason I say 'I don't know' is 'cause I haven't actually spoken to him, or seen him since The Wall days, which is maybe surprising to you, but, he's certainly after... he has split from band, from Dave and Nick, he just kind of disappeared in a sense. He did Amused to Death, I believe, his album, and I haven't heard anything since then. And quite honestly, I have no reasons to give him a call, umm, but on the other hand, if we'd bumped into each other on the street, I'm sure we'd sit down and have a chat and talk, and try to sort out our differences.

Q: So you've never like, just thought, 'I should pick up the phone and call him, I just feel like calling him'?

Rick Wright: Sometimes, and then I think, 'well, no, why?' No, it's a... there is no desire I would say, within the band, Nick, Dave, myself, at the moment to say "let's see if we can get together all over again". I'm sure that it's a thing that maybe some fans would like, and there are rumours that go around saying that it's happening, but it's not actually the case.

Q: I wanted to ask you, as you were mentioning before we went into that particular track [Us and Them], that Floyd is back in a year or less, are you gonna stick with that? We are gonna hold you to it!

Rick Wright: I personally intend to start working anyway, in my studio early next year, March, that's what I want to do, and it may well turn out it'll be starting to prepare music for The Pink Floyd, I don't know.              Return to HOME page