Schaffner's Floyd book gets new, updated edition this month
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 September 2005

As we've previously reported, Nicholas Schaffner's biography of Pink Floyd ("A Saucerful Of Secrets - The Pink Floyd Odyssey"), long respected as one of the better, and more accurate, books about the band, is getting a new edition published. Due out this month (September), it has received an update as well.

With the tragically premature death of Schaffner back in August 1991, the story ends before certain key events and releases - Amused To Death, The Division Bell, and the Live 8 reunion, to name just three. Due to public demand for the text to be updated, the publishers (Helter Skelter) commissioned another writer - Michael Heatley - to produce what is called the Afterword of the book.

The book as it was covered all aspects of their history, from the early days to the bust-up which saw Roger Waters leave the band in the mid-80s. It presents both sides of the arguments, striving to stay neutral. It has been a good reference book for many. Indeed, Nick Mason told us that he consulted it during the research for his own book, "Inside Out".

Heatley brings the reader up to date with events subsequent to the Berlin and Knebworth concerts of 1990, where Schaffner concluded matters. In a 48 page coda, Heatley covers all the remaining events, up to and including Live 8, and the impending release of Roger Waters' opera, Ca Ira.

It is a well-written update, and whilst Heatley was not able to interview the band members himself, an intelligent use of key quotes from various interviews propels the story along well. The discography at the back of the book has also been updated.

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