Roger Waters "Ca Ira" updates and interviews
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 20 September 2005

With Roger Waters' new album, "Ca Ira" being released in a week's time (read our exclusive, full review here on the site), we have a few news items for you.

The "lavish first edition digipack" includes the full opera on two hybrid SACDs (playable on normal CD players), with a bonus of "Ca Ira - the DVD" (of which we will be bringing you something very special in the next 24 hours or so, a nice exclusive extract!), and a 60-page four-colour booklet containing the libretto, cast credits, and original illustrations.

Firstly, the official Roger Waters websites at and have been updated with plenty of goodies relating to the new album. You can listen to selections from the album, and also sign up to the official mailing list through those links.

There is news on the sites of a special webchat that Roger will be conducting on On September 26th, you will have the chance to pose a question to him! Here's the link to the MSN site with details, but be aware that certain countries (the UK included) simply give you a page advising that the chat function has been closed down! They say "to help protect MSN users from unsolicited information such as spam and to better protect children from inappropriate communication online."

Sony have set up a special eCard, that features audio clips from the CD as well as images and will have information about pre-ordering.

Additionally, it might be interesting for those intending to purchase the album through this route, that the English version of Ca Ira on iTunes will include a digital booklet featuring the libretto and artwork from the album.

In other news, the leading German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel (issue 38/05) has published an extensive interview with Roger Waters, which is also available online. The topics covered include the Live 8 reunion with Pink Floyd, Ca Ira, fox hunting, George Bush, Iraq, and much more...

An online version (in German) is available through Our thanks to Henning Sigge and Gert Holz for letting us know.

Finally, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a fascinating interview with Roger on September 10th. The interview has Roger talking of the genesis of the project. He also draws parallels from the story of the French revolution, to modern day USA, particularly in light of the tragic events caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Conversation lightens with a look at the Live 8 reunion with Pink Floyd. He talks of how much fun it all was, feeling like "the early days... when we were a band of brothers working through our stuff, through the night, hacking our way up and down the M1 [motorway] in the old Transit van, and there was a real kind of camaraderie and joy in it."

Incredibly, when asked if there was a chance of a reunion tour or band album, he responds: "What you're saying is, would I go back and make a record with those three guys? Oh, I guess so... yeah, I mean, all things been equal there's no reason why I shouldn't want to do that, though I've sort of got used to not having to fight my way through a great miasma of opposition! However, having said that, maybe if I came up with an idea and approached them... I dont know, maybe they'd say "yeah, ok, that sounds fine to me"."

The interviewer follows with a question about a tour, and the various offers that have been made to them to reform for a tour... "Well, certainly none of those offers have been accepted. Dave is... has made a solo album, I believe... I've got all kinds of fish to fry... You never say 'never' about anything... never say never!"

Our thanks to Ian McKenzie for the info regarding the interview. Whilst it can currently be heard via this BBC stream, we don't know how long this will remain available, so be quick if you want to hear it!

The special edition SACD and DVD digipack can be ordered through our special Amazon links. They also have the normal edition, without the DVD.