Unicorn singer/drummer passes on
Written by Matt   
Monday, 26 September 2005

Following on from our news last month about the long-awaited release of four of Unicorn's albums on CD, we are very sad to bring you the news that Pete Perryer, Unicorn's lead singer and drummer, died suddenly of a heart attack on September 6th.

The seventies country rock band Unicorn has had a long involvement with David Gilmour. The albums recently re-released (Blue Pine Trees, Too Many Crooks and One More Tomorrow) were all produced and played on by David Gilmour, and digitally remastered by Floyd Sound Engineer Andy Jackson at Gilmour's Astoria floating studio. Their music impressed David so much, that he immediately offered to produce them and get them management and recording contracts when he first heard them perform in 1973.

Pete's death has come as a huge shock to his friends, family and all those involved with the band. We understand that there was no warning of the heart attack, with Pete seemingly in good health.

The funeral was held on 19th September, at St. Mary's Church in Send, the village where Pete was born.