David Gilmour denies reunion tour claims
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 05 October 2005

UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Star today printed a story from its "sources close to Pink Floyd", talking about a reunion tour, which quickly prompted an official statement from David Gilmour's publicist this morning, which we've been asked to pass on to you.

David has, today, stated firmly that "there are NO PLANS for Pink Floyd to tour in the foreseeable future". It was also pointed out that the comments attributed to him in the newspaper are a complete fabrication.

The article, under the headline "Dave: Perky to get Pinky"(!) makes reference to comments he is said to have made about the reason why a full-time reunion and tour isn't currently underway. All complete nonsense, of course...

Unfortunately, since the Live 8 concert was announced, the rumour mill has been working overtime, despite the fact that the individual band members are busy on other projects. Hopefully, you know where to get your reliable Floyd news!