David Gilmour 1970s interview auctioned
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 06 October 2005

An American auction house, Backstage Auctions, has announced "The Spotlight Auction" featuring rare and one of a kind rock collectibles from a group of music industry professionals. Amongst the items on offer are a couple of cassette tapes featuring unedited interviews with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

Other items in the auction include unpublished photos printed only for this auction as a "one of one" print, signed set lists, stage design blueprints, slides and negatives, rare paper goods and more. Details of all available lots are at www.backstageauctions.com. The auction starts on Sunday, October 16th, with the auction preview starting this coming Sunday (October 9th).

The lot of interest to Floyd fans is described thus:

This lot features the following 2 interview cassettes:
Tape 125: ALICE COOPER late 70s/press conference held at Carlos 'N Charlies restaurant; this was a benefit interview Cooper was involved in to raise money to save the famous HOLLYWOOD sign/approx. 16 minutes
DAVID GILMOUR (Pink Floyd)/circa mid 70s/mid 70s issue of Guitar Player/approx. 15 minutes
DAVID GILMOUR - continuation of interview/approx. 31 minutes
Tape 126: MICHAEL WALDEN (Mahavishnu Orchestra)/mid 70s/Player Magazine/Hollywood hotel somewhere/approx. 31 minutes
MICHAEL WALDEN - continuation of interview/approx. 26 minutes
DAVID GILMOUR - continuation of Tape 125/approx. 5 minutes

Further included is a Dave Gilmour reprint article.

The guide price for this lot is not quoted on the site yet; presumably this will appear when the preview (or auction itself) begins.