Nick and Roger interviewed about further reunion
Written by Matt   
Monday, 24 October 2005

Nick Mason and Roger Waters were recently interviewed for Italian magazine, Famiglia Cristiana (Christian Family), in which they are asked about a future reunion, and specifically refer to a peace effort for the Middle East.

Their reported comments are brief, and nothing should be read into them - there are no plans for any shows. However, it is good to hear that they are not discounting the possibility of future collaborations, should a good cause and opportunity present itself.

They start by asking Nick, in the light of the recent Live 8 concert, if we'll see them together again in the future for a new album or tour. "At present, there is absolutely nothing concrete, but it would be beautiful to get together again and perform once more in the future. Live 8 was a wonderful, entertaining event."

They follow by asking what Nick thinks of a concert to promote peace in the Middle East? Nick: "Actually, there are no plans for this project. At Live 8 someone asked me about my future plans. First, I once again expressed my desire to organize something similar, for some suitable cause that music can make a big contribution to. And now there is clearly a right moment for organization of a big concert advancing the peace in [the Middle East] region and drawing alive attention to this theme. Live 8 was not a lone event to impress on politicians of the rich Countries to do more for the struggle against poverty: it was one of many. For this purpose, for me the idea of a concert for the sake of peace in the Middle East has ripened. I hope, sooner or later, it will manage to be realized".

Roger was then asked if his participation in Live 8 became an expression of his political convictions? "Undoubtedly, but it was also an opportunity to see David Gilmour again. And it was really delightful."

Would you participation in a similar event with Pink Floyd? "Why not? I don't exclude the possibility..."

Our thanks to Bob Close for sending over this story.