Rare Nick Mason video on iTunes
Written by Matt   
Monday, 24 October 2005

With the announcement of the new video iPod from Apple, the associated iTunes music stores has been upgraded to host some new downloadable material. Amongst the music videos that have now appeared, is a somewhat unusual choice, that might interest Pink Floyd fans searching for things they can play on their new toys!

Back in 1985, Nick Mason released an album in collaboration with Rick Fenn. Called "Profiles", it didn't trouble the album charts worldwide for too long, despite the quality of the music within. To promote the album, a single - "Lie For A Lie" - was released, that featured David Gilmour's guest performance on it.

An interesting promotional video was made for the single, which included the use of the recently created pin-grids. These create three dimensional representations of anything pushed into them - hands, faces and so on.

It is this video that has made it onto iTunes, for download once purchased. Not the most obvious choice of Floyd-related videos to see on there, but an interesting video for a nice song. Listed under "Rick Fenn", it can be yours for 2.29 Canadian Dollars, and the equivalent in other countries.

Thanks to Phil Robinson for the tip-off!