Are you a Pink Floyd Mastermind?
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Last night (25th October), Pink Floyd was one of the specialist subjects that contestants were quizzed on, in the long-running BBC test of knowledge, Mastermind, and we've got the questions here so that you can see how you measure up!

For those of you unfamiliar with this show, there is a full description of the format and rules over at In a nutshell, four contestants take it in turns to answer questions over two rounds, against the clock. The first two-minute round comprises questions on each contestant's chosen specialist subject, and the second two-minute round tests general knowledge.

The winner of each contest goes forward to the next knockout phase of the competition. It is one of the most popular quiz programmes on television, having run for more than thirty years. To our knowledge, this is the first time that Pink Floyd has been the subject of the specialist round.

Here's what was asked, in the two minute round... how will you do against the clock?

- Which member of PF refused to lipsync on their 1967 American Bandstand appearance?
- By March 1966 the band were regular performers at which London club as part of the Spontaneous Underground sessions held on Sunday afternoons?
- Which track on the Wish You Were Here album was sung by Roy Harper?
- In which city did the band perform their first show of the 1987 AMLOR tour?
- What was the name of the film that included footage of a live PF appearance and was premiered in Edinburgh in November 1972?
- For which track, released in 1994, did the band win a Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy Award?
- The name PF was said to have been derived from the names of two blues singers. Who were they?
- Who co-wrote a number of the lyrics on The Division Bell, and later went on to marry David Gilmour?
- The soundtrack album to which Barbet Schroeder film reached number 9 in the UK album charts in 1969?
- Which track on The Division Bell features the voice of Professor Stephen Hawking?
- What was the name of the projected PF album which was not to feature any musical instruments at all, and was abandoned in 1973?
- What was the title of the band's third single, which failed to reach either the American, or UK, charts on its release in 1967?
- What was Roger Waters' subtitle for the 1983 album, The Final Cut?
- Which was the first PF album to top both the UK and US album charts?
- The title of the first PF album, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, was taken from which book, a favourite of Syd Barrett?
- Who produced the band's first single, Arnold Layne, at the Sound Techniques Studios in London?
- What was the name of the only track on 1968's A Saucerful Of Secrets which was written by Syd Barrett?
- In July 1989, in which city did PF play a concert on a giant barge, which was televised worldwide?

Mastermind, and the questions above, are © 2005 BBC.