Live 8 DVD update
Written by Matt   
Monday, 07 November 2005

The lavish, four disc Live 8 DVD has now arrived in the stores for most countries, with most places getting it yesterday/today (although Australia and the Netherlands had it on sale at the end of last week!).

Full details of the release can be found elsewhere on this site, but suffice it to say, it is an essential release in our view, and (those who have listened to the podcast will know what we mean!) Bob Geldof's view, too. We've given it a good look - check out our review for more details of the release, with a particular focus on the Pink Floyd/Roger Waters content within.

The official website for the release - - has added yet more video content onto the site. You can now download the press conference for the DVD, with Geldof discussing the release for around twenty five minutes, in Real or Windows Media formats.

The podcast interviews with Geldof are also still available, and well worth checking out. The second part covers Bob's negotiations with the various past and present Floyds and is in places, hilarious!

The full press release for the DVD, with the track listing, and other details, can be found in our 6th September news story. It really is a mammoth set, and deserves a place in music fans homes - not least, as the proceeds go to charity. It can be ordered through our special Amazon links. Any purchases made at Amazon after entering their site using a Brain Damage link, won't affect the amount the charity gets from the sale of these, helps with our running costs, and we really appreciate it!