Special signed "Echoes" book offer
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 15 January 2009

Echoes - The Complete History Of Pink Floyd - By Glenn PoveyFirst published in March 2007, "Echoes: The Complete History Of Pink Floyd" by Glenn Povey (pub: Mind Head Publishing) became an instant essential for the reference section of any Floydian bookshelf, and putting aside all the facts crammed within the covers, is a beautifully illustrated, absorbing look at the band's collective and individual careers from the very earliest pre-Floyd days of 1962, right up to the first of Roger Waters' 2007 concerts.

And, with thanks to Glenn, who was Brain Damage Magazine's founder, you can get an exclusive, first edition signed and dedicated in the latest BD special offer!

Glenn has spent much time combing through archives and libraries, uncovering evidence of previously lost shows, concert posters, pictures and tickets. He promises "the most comprehensive account of Pink Floyd in print", combining as it does, all known group and solo concerts, set lists, television and radio appearances, and a full UK and US discography.

But how does it measure up, especially in the heavily populated Floyd book arena?

Echoes by Glenn Povey The first thing that strikes you is how beautifully designed and printed this large format, (and despite the softback covers) heavy book is - especially when you consider that the project was entirely self-financed and self-published by Glenn. Even though Omnibus Press are distributing the book, no major publisher was interested in such a lavish, detailed book without the Floyd doing a tour to coincide! (I guess that counts out books about the Beatles or Hendrix then)

 Its 368 pages are full of spot-on information, commentary on the period in question (each chapter covers a consecutive period of time) which includes all the key players giving their views on events, culled from interviews in the press and with the author himself.

Thankfully, Glenn gives a good, balanced view to events, and brings some much-needed dry humour to what could have ended up as drab accounts of the band's story.

Obviously, the core of the information consists of concert dates, venues, and set lists. To some, this will seem rather dull and "trainspottery", but Glenn peps this up with some fantastic illustrations. For many, this will make the book worth its asking price alone.

As to how the many previously unseen tickets, posters, photos and more have been discovered, and in such good quality, is anyone's guess.

Echoes by Glenn Povey For example, the very first picture within the book is the original Joker's Wild business card, imploring interested parties to contact a certain D. J. Gilmour of 109 Grantchester Meadows...

Shortly after this is a set of seventeen shots - the only known pictures - of pre-Floyd band The Tea Set, performing at a private party.

 And that's just the tip of the iceberg - the sheer weight of early, pre-Floyd band material is staggering: pictures, posters and flyers for bands such as Those Without, The Newcomers and the aforementioned Joker's Wild. And the rare nature of the illustrations doesn't let up throughout the book.

Glenn covers the first 45 years of activity from the various musicians thoroughly and there really is something for everyone in its pages.

Covering all events up to the October 2006 end of Roger's recent tour, it includes the first seven announced 2007 shows. However, as with any book of this nature, the author had to stop somewhere - and so Roger's Ca Ira shows in December 2006/January 2007 aren't mentioned (they were announced and tickets sold close to the events themselves).

A culmination of many years of hard investigative work, and a clear love of the band, this book really deserves a place on your shelves.

Glenn has tried to keep the postage to as best a price as he can, hampered by the high quality of the book which means it is pretty heavy! The best he has been able to do for the combined price of the book and shipping, is UK: £20, Europe: £25, USA: £30, and the rest of the world: £35.

To order your copy, you need to make payment via Paypal, made to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it OR cheques/PO's/IMO's in UK Sterling made payable to Mind Head Publishing. Here's the address to write to:

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Please ensure you advise your street address (as post boxes cannot be delivered to) and a phone number - in case there's a problem with delivery. And don't forget to tell Glenn how you'd like the book dedicated!