Nick Mason: "The Arthur Daley of rock'n'roll!"
Written by Matt   
Friday, 02 May 2008

autotrader picture of nick masonThose of you in the market for a car should head over to the Autotrader website. For it is through them that Nick Mason is selling his rather tasty Audi RS6 Avant! “It's the car I use every day,” Nick told Autotrader. “My drum kit has been in the back of it, so whoever buys it might find a drumstick under a mat somewhere...

“I'd really like the car to go to someone who enjoys it.”

Full details of the car, including pictures, can be found here. Our friends at Autotrader couldn't pass up the opportunity of an interview with Nick too, where he talks about his cars, about guesting on drums for Roger Waters, and the likelihood of a Pink Floyd reunion...

Many Floyd fans will be more used to hearing about Nick driving Ferrari's and Bugatti's. “I love the RS series,” says Nick. “You get real sports car performance in a practical package. I've had an RS2, an RS4, and bought the RS6 in 2004. I suppose it's a bit like reading a certain newspaper, you get used to it!”

Nick talks with affection about the various cars he has enjoyed over the years, from his earliest driving exploits in a Morris 1000, and an Austin Seven Chummy, through to more contemporary and exotic beasts such as the Ferrari Enzo.

autotrader nick mason audi rs6 avant s “When we were recording The Wall in France in 1979, Roger Waters and I used to drive to the studio in the Ferrari Daytona I had at the time,” says Nick. “We were staying in Provence, about 30 miles away. It was a great car. A bit heavy on the steering, and heavy on the tyres, but a great car.”

Autotrader asked him about his guest spots with Roger, performing The Dark Side of the Moon, and if he had any plans to do more of the same.

“I don't think so,” says Nick. “I really enjoyed doing the shows, but it's not something we're looking to do regularly. There’s a limit to how many times he can introduce me as a special guest.”

As for a full Pink Floyd reunion, he said: "It's certainly not out of the question. We all enjoyed Live 8, it was a really good thing to do, and it sent a nice message to a lot of people.

“I’d be very happy to do almost anything. Roger’s doing his own shows, and Dave is enjoying not doing the big shows. We’re always in contact with each other, on a day-to-day basis, because there are always so many projects going on with the old catalogue.”

To read the fascinating interview in full, click here. To see more details of the Audi Nick is selling, click here. Our thanks to Adrian Hearn over at Autotrader for his help!