Exclusive shots of Nick Mason's Relics print launch in Birmingham
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Many of you will have read the reports and seen the pictures sent in from Nick Mason's recent official launch of his Relics print at Birmingham's St Pauls Gallery. Thanks to our friends at the gallery, we have some additional information on Nick's startled reaction to the mayor, along with some exclusive, official pictures from the event!

Symon from St Pauls tells us that when Nick first saw the Lord Mayor he said words to the effect of: "You frightened the life out of me!, I thought you were my Great Grandfather!"

The Mayor obviously responded "What do you mean?" Nick then explained the story and they then inspected the regalia, eventually finding Nick's Great Grandad's initials on the chain.

Nick was also introduced by the Mayor who referred to his architectural background. Nick interrupted politely by mentioning to the audience that anyone interested in a new conservatory, could see him afterwards.

All in all, a thoroughly good evening, and it is with thanks to Symon that we can bring you the following pictures - click any of the thumbnails below to see them in a larger format:

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The print itself has attracted a lot of interest, and for those who want to snap up their copy before they all go (there's just 195 worldwide!), don't forget that it qualifies for free shipping using the special Brain Damage/St Pauls Gallery offer (more details here).