Nick Mason - Relics launch at Birmingham gallery
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Nick Mason in BirminghamLast Friday, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason officially launched his high quality, limited edition signed print of the Relics album cover. And, thanks to our friends over at the venue - St Pauls Gallery, in Birmingham - some Brain Damage regulars were in attendance at what turned out to be a very special evening.

The print itself has attracted a lot of interest, and for those who want to snap up their copy before they all go (there's just 195 worldwide!), don't forget that it qualifies for free shipping using the special Brain Damage/St Pauls Gallery offer (more details here).

Other than the picture to the left from Phil Geraghty, we've had some reports and a number of good photos from the event, from BD regulars and from the tired but happy staff at the gallery who worked hard to make it a success...

The first report is from Andy Shaw:

It was a very enjoyable evening. Free flowing wine, some classic music in the background (Pink Floyd of course), some wonderful art pieces and the main attraction Nick Mason. It was obvious many of the guests had come to see Nick in person and he was in good form, taking pictures at the drum kit, socialising with all the guest and signing the odd piece of memorabilia on the way. He also addressed the crowd by saying:

"In my career I have pleaded with people to buy the record, then to buy the book and now to buy the artwork!"

The actual art exhibition itself was amazing, the pictures are superb quality. When I look at my LPs and CDs now its just not the same. The main attraction for me, apart from Nick who now completes my Pink Floyd having seen both David and Roger in concert were:

1. The giant eye balls, picture below
2. The Animals art work which I nearly bought but I didn't think I could afford the £990 price tag

nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_1 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_2 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_3 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_4
nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_5 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_6 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_7 nm_in_brum_by_andy_shaw_8

Other non-Floyd highlights were the David Bowie artworks and the Sex Pistols exhibition. Also the Mayor of Birmingham made an appearance which added to the occasion. If anyone gets the chance to pop along to St Pauls Gallery I recommend it even if it's not to buy, the exhibition itself is amazing. If you thought the artwork for the Floyd albums was part of the overall experience then seeing the actual artwork in this quality was just breath taking!

nm_in_brum_by_george_smith George Smith also attended and had a good time seeing Nick. He took advantage of Nick sat at the provided drum kit to get some nice pictures, one of which can be seen here [click the thumbnail].

The Mayor of Birmingham gave a speech and revealed that the mayoral chain carries Nick's family name.

Matty Shaw added that the reason for this, is that Nick's great grandfather had made the Mayoral chain! After officially opening the event, Nick then sat in the office and an orderly queue was formed for items to be signed.

Nick was in fine form and was very welcoming and had time for everyone.

After the signing he mingled with the crowd - when Andrew and I managed to get a couple more photo's. All in all it was a very interesting evening with Floyd fans from all over the country there. 

Matty sent us some pictures taken by his chum Andy Neale [click thumbnails below].

nick_mason_in_brum_by_andy_neale_1 nick_mason_in_brum_by_andy_neale_2 nick_mason_in_brum_by_andy_neale_3 nick_mason_in_brum_by_andy_neale_4