New DVD release includes rare David Gilmour music
Written by Matt   
Friday, 28 March 2008
The Colours of Infinity DVD including David Gilmour, July 2018

A DVD was released late last year which features a fascinating look at the wonderful world of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry. Narrated by the late Arthur C. Clarke, Colours Of Infinity includes a soundtrack provided by David Gilmour. Balancing the science of Benoît Mandelbrot's discoveries with absorbing imagery, David's instrumental music, unreleased elsewhere, is the perfect accompaniment.

Colours Of Infinity - previously only available with a 2004 book of the same name (more details here) - can now be seen on a DVD with three documentaries on it. Clouds Are Not Spheres looks closer at Mandelbrot's life, and Is God A Number? takes a closer look at mathematics.

The DVD can be ordered direct from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany - both of which will ship the disc worldwide. Our thanks to Hans Gerlitz for the info!

UPDATE, July 2018: The DVD has been reissued with a new cover, which is shown here. It is still available to purchase from Amazon and other retailers.