Roger and Nick playing pub gig?!
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 20 February 2008

winkfield If a story on the BBC website today is to be believed, Roger Waters and Nick Mason are due to perform an "intimate gig" at a small pub - The Winkfield - on the outskirts of Windsor this coming Saturday (February 23rd) at 8pm!

The pub's landlord knows Nick, and told the BBC: "We thought it would be fantastic to hear him play at the pub. I'm really looking forward to it." The brewery owner added: "This is a great opportunity to hear true rock legends. They might even inspire me to brew a new real ale - it won't be pink though."

With the event being free, being discussed on the BBC website, and the central location of the pub, we think that a very large number of curious fans will turn up to see if this rather unusual performance does indeed happen... Of course, if they wanted to keep it "intimate", it might have been a good idea not to tell the BBC! With the amount of attention the event is getting, we're betting that it has no chance of taking place.

Our inbox is naturally getting swamped with emails about this, so thanks to all who have written about it!