Pink Floyd box set puts Nick Mason in reflective mood
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 09 January 2008

nick masonIn today's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Nick Mason looks back at life in Pink Floyd, inspired by the recently released studio album box set, "Oh By The Way".

The interview has him in reflective mood. "I just got one of the box sets and its interest is in looking at the box, flicking through what's actually included and trying to, not make sense of it, but think about it harder, about the way there is a sort of progression where some albums drop out of the progression."

On the conflicts within the band, he said "Well, I think apart from the principals, the four or five of us, including Syd - which is a story in itself - there is an interesting thing about the way bands who survive or produce good work need a certain element of conflict quite often. You certainly need more than one person driving it. I think it's infinitely fascinating and I think there is probably a great book to be written - but probably by a psychiatrist."

Nick talks about some of his regrets, and how, with hindsight, they would have done things a little differently, both in terms of touring and staging, and managing feelings and desires within the band. An interesting interview which can be read here.