Pink Floyd Mini-Vinyl Studio Box Set
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 13 October 2007

obtw box shotIt's with pleasure that we are finally able to bring you some proper news on the much-speculated on, upcoming "Pink Floyd Mini-Vinyl Studio Box Set"!

The set has been rumoured for some time, and various sites have posted information on it with varying degrees of accuracy, but we've just been given the official "nod" to reveal certain details to you of what will surely be on many peoples' Christmas present lists, including the confirmed release date and ordering details.

With not just the studio albums inside Storm Thorgerson's specially designed box (click the thumbnail on the left for a better look) even those who have the entire back catalogue with find something of interest...

The main meat of the box set, is the entire Pink Floyd studio album catalogue packaged as mini-vinyl reproductions all in one CD box set - much like the highly limited Japanese album replicas from a few years ago which now command high amounts on eBay!

Pink Floyd Mini-Vinyl Studio Box Set You'll get: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn / A Saucerful Of Secrets / More / Ummagumma (2CD) / Atom Heart Mother / Meddle / Obscured By Clouds / The Dark Side Of The Moon / Wish You Were Here / Animals / The Wall (2CD) / The Final Cut / A Momentary Lapse Of Reason / The Division Bell.

Each CD is a faithful reproduction of the original vinyl using original artwork, all the original inserts (posters, stickers, and such like) and LP-style dust jackets. We also understand that there will be an 20" x 30" high quality poster included.

In addition, there will be a DVD in the box, which looks to feature the individual members of the band discussing the 40th anniversary and landmarks in their career. There may be some musical content also in the DVD, but like the box set as a whole, some details of the DVD are still to be decided on, and an official announcement should be made soon once every element of the box set is cast in stone.

UPDATE Oct 26th: the DVD has been scrapped but the content (in effect an EPK - Electronic Press Kit) will be made available to view online in the near future.

Finally, that all important release date. The band's manager told us last night that this is currently looking to be December 3rd with the normal variations around the world - for example, the USA is December 4th.

UPDATE Oct 31st: the release date has moved one week - to December 10th/11th.

The perfect way to fill all those gaps in your collection, or for those who are yet to get the majority of the studio albums. With the DVD, and the very special presentation of the set, this collection (which we hear is limited to 10,000 worldwide) should sell quickly.


Preorders for the box have now started through the following special links: Amazon UK, Amazon US/International, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, or Amazon France.

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