Extensive Nick Mason interview - listen now
Written by Dave Carlin   
Saturday, 15 September 2007

Nick MasonOn Thursday, Nick Mason paid a very entertaining and amusing visit to his old friend Nicky Horne, as guest on Nicky's Planet Rock radio show. Mason is in mainly to chat about Piper and the original 1967 studio sessions but over the 50 odd minutes conversation moves onto the Syd Tribute show in May and why Roger didn't play with PF; Live8; future plans; Nick's fave PF track (a surprise) and the bizarre possibility of Roger joining Deep Purple on loan in a kind of inter-band transfer market. Typical Mason humour.

It's available to stream for 7 days after broadcast. Either click here for the stream, or go to PlanetRock.com, select 'Listen Live', then 'Listen Again', then 'Last 7 Days: Nicky Horne' - Mason is currently the first item.