Upcoming DVD - "Peter Whitehead and the Sixties"
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 13 September 2007

peter whitehead and the 60sLegendary filmmaker Peter Whitehead was at the heart of Swinging London, chronicling the youth explosion, the burgeoning popular music scene and the counterculture of the 1960s. On October 29th, the BFI releases a DVD featuring two of his films for the first time; Wholly Communion (1965) and Benefit of the Doubt (1967), coupled with a new interview with Peter. "Peter Whitehead and the Sixties" also contains a series of extra items, including his experimental short 'Jeanetta Cochrane' (1967), shot while he was at the Slade School of Art.

This rarely seen, 6-minute film includes music from Pink Floyd - Syd Barrett was a friend of Whitehead's from Cambridge. The track is a version of Insterstellar Overdrive recorded before the band signed to EMI; we suspect it is the same recording as on "London 66-67" but haven't got confirmation of this yet.

It can be ordered from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.