David Gilmour in the new issue of 'The Word'
Written by Mark Ellen and Matt   
Monday, 10 September 2007

word magazine, october 2007"Even after 40 years in the business, there's a slight sense of ‘Do I belong here?’" An impossibly modest Gilmour looks back at Syd, Live 8, the chemistry of great bands, the Albert Hall show with Bowie, Crosby, Nash and Wright – and Pink Floyd, the band you can leave but you can't leave behind.

Read a fascinating new update on the Floyd chronicle by Jim Irvin, in the new issue (cover date October 2007) of the UK's respected magazine The Word, which is published this coming Thursday (September 13th). There's also some previously unseen pictures of the Floyd from their first Top Of The Pops appearance!

Details of how to subscribe or buy a single issue all on the Word website – www.wordmagazine.co.uk.