The stories behind the sleeves...
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 28 March 2007

wish you were here handshakeAs a taster for Storm Thorgerson's upcoming book (see adjacent news story), Mojo Classics have published another one of their excellent special limited edition magazines.

'The Greatest Album Covers Of All Time' is a fascinating delve through some of the most iconic and eye-catching images so closely associated with some of the best music from the last five decades. Included are some familiar, and definitely unfamiliar, covers, which reveal the sheer variety that has graced record store racks (and in some cases, bargain bins).

 Ranging from outtakes from the legendary 'Yesterday and Today' Beatles "butcher" cover, through to the Sex Pistols, and up to date with some of Gorillaz artwork, it provides pretty exhaustive coverage.

mojo classic 07 Of principal interest to Floyd fans is the coverage afforded to them - the amount of page space given to the band only seems to be matched by The Beatles.

The first article of note is an interview with Aubrey "Po" Powell, who (with Storm) formed the design team Hipgnosis. Apart from the Floyd, they created some superb covers for the likes of Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, and Wings.

Some great insights into their career, including Robert Plant's reaction to one of their recycled, unused ideas, life for Hipgnosis whilst sharing a building with the Sex Pistols, and their thoughts on who came up with the company names in a piece of graffiti...

Elsewhere, Mick Rock is interviewed about the shoot for Syd's Madcap Laughs cover, accompanied by some good pictures from the photography sessions.

Finally, there's a rare interview with Danny Rodgers and Ronnie Rondell. Who? The stuntmen doing the flaming handshake from the Wish You Were Here cover!

In UK stores at the moment (priced at £5.99) it is also available in selected countries as an import. Our thanks to Dave Gaylor for letting us know about this.