Norman "Hurricane" Smith interviewed in Guitar Player
Written by Matt   
Monday, 26 March 2007

guitar player 0407 detailCelebrating its own 40th anniversary (much like Pink Floyd themselves!) the latest issue of respected US magazine Guitar Player (cover date April 2007) takes a long hard look at "The Great Guitar Albums of 1967", and includes a rare interview with the Floyd's early producer Norman "Hurricane" Smith.

The magazine takes a good look at a number of the classic albums from that year, including Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, and also includes features on Jimi Hendrix, Cream and The Beatles as part of its coverage.

guitar player 0407Some of you will recall our previous news story (from July 2006) revealing that Norman would be soon publishing his memoirs, under the title of "John Lennon Called Me Normal".

His musical career covers many highlights - not least producing Floyd's first two albums, and being the Beatles' own engineer from their first EMI audition up to 1965's Rubber Soul, including every single and album inbetween - an amazing achievement and body of work by anyone's standards!

His memoirs cover this work and much more, with plenty of inside information about his time with Pink Floyd. The piece in Guitar Player should give a good taster of what is to come this year in the bookshops!

Guitar Player is available now in US stores, and in selected outlets worldwide as an import. Our thanks to Barry over at the magazine for his help.