Major Floyd feature in upcoming Rolling Stone magazine
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 20 March 2007

rolling stone 2007One to look out for on the store shelves... Pink Floyd have made it to the cover (amazingly, for the first time) of the US's legendary Rolling Stone Magazine. Whilst they did hit the front page previously (November 1987) it was just an artistic interpretation of their music and career - this time, it will be the band themselves!

The magazine, out soon, promises a feast of Floyd within its pages...

The Rolling Stone blog reports that "the cover story tackles the band’s long, tumultuous history, from the acid-drenched Syd days to the Dark Side of popularity to the disintegration of the band, in what is the most complete retrospective of the band to ever fill our pages."

They urge fans to check in to all this week for "Floyd-themed goodies, like our synching of Dark Side and Oz, culminating with the Pink Floyd issue", which hits US news-stands this Friday (March 23rd).

Of course, the link between Dark Side and The Wizard of Oz has frequently been dismissed as nonsense by members of the band - creating a piece such as DSOTM is no doubt hard enough without getting it to sync up with a movie! Having said that, if you look hard enough (and have a good enough imagination in places!) there are some interesting coincidences between the two.

The magazine is available in selected outlets in a number of countries as an import, and Rolling Stone also produce domestic editions in various countries. As yet, we don't know if international editions will also carry the same material as the US edition.