Capacity: TBC

Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: 3601 South Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19145.  MAP

Website: www.wachoviacenter.com

wachovia_brick_smallTickets for the June 1st date of this concert went on sale on February 17th at 10am EST, and pretty much sold out instantly. This second night was therefore added... tickets for this went on sale the same day (February 17th) at 12pm EST.

To see a quite unusual promotional item for this show (a large concrete brick!) click here!

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FIRST HALF: In The Flesh, Mother, Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Southampton Dock, The Fletcher Memorial Home, Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2, Leaving Beirut, Sheep.
Dark Side of the Moon. ENCORE: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2), Vera, Bring the Boys back Home, Comfortably Numb.


Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played!

The second of two shows in Philadelphia, and a show that sounds like the band were REALLY on fire, playing even better than the first night.

CONCERT REVIEW - by BD contributer, Bernie Miller

After seeing Roger and the band last fall at PNC center NJ from distant seats, we had to see the show again- as most reading the reviews would agree. If I could, I'd go to yet another one!

The whole band played great: Dave had searing guitar solos. Roger pounded out his bass. The sax was right on. Snowy was more laid-back, but plays mighty Fine as usual. Andy played some great guitar too! Drums smack on... synths great, as was Roger's son on keyboards, and the female vocalists. The bass was 'boomy' for the first few songs... rather surprising. I noticed it when Roger was not on the bass, such as when he strums his acoustic on "Mother." Later on, the bass was right- just deep and tight. Great job from the lighting crew and thanks also to all the worker-bees who bring us the show.

Highlights for me at this show were the rendition of 'Sheep,' 'Bring the Boys Home,' and the numerous guitar solos all throughout. These shows are my best concerts ever- upon thinking it over, better than The Who in 1980.

I talked about this tour with my cousin who saw the recent NY show and he did not like 'Leaving Beirut' or Roger's message. When are some folks going to get it ? War sucks, we are killing a lot of innocents, and for what? So Halliburton execs, the war machine and the Carlyle Group elite can get rich. Suppose my cousins' 3 offspring went to Iraq as soldiers and were killed- would they then find the Iraq occupation OK ? What if 'mytown USA' was on the receiving end of a rogue superpower bombing it with 'smart bombs,' and our wives and children were killed or forever maimed, our infrastructure destroyed- no power, sewage treatment or clean water ? Why can't some people open their mind and see things from another's perspective ?

Well anyway, let's hope Roger stays healthy and wills to tour again in a few years, though anyone would expect a less-exhaustive one. Of course, we're all hoping for a DVD release of this current tour to keep the memories alive of probably the greatest show, musicians and songwriter / philosopher in rock history.

CONCERT REVIEW - both nights in Philadelphia - by BD contributer, Ralph

Hi everyone. Well ...just got home last night from Philly. Gonna do my best for reviews. Once again no internet in the hotel so I just gathered my thoughts for the last few days. For me the story begins on last Wednesday the 30th. I woke up with a huge pain in my kidneys. I babied myself all day figuring it would go away, didn't want anything to ruin the weekend. Thursday it got worse and I was rushed to the hospital. YES THE DAY BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO FLY OUT TO PHILLY. I was laid up in the Emergency room. Passed a Kidney stone!!!! My father had them and so I was always leery of getting it, just not the day before my trip to Philly which can't be cancellend or rescheduled and I'm only 33 too young for a Kidney stone. I couldn't even give my tickets away at that point. SO I was staring up at the ceiling unable to move or walk for that matter and in screaming pain. I told my wife "there is no way they are keeping me overnight I'm getting on that plane no matter what". I was a little delirious I think :-). But yes I was ready to rip out the IV and all their wires and walk out with my little apron on. That was my biggest fear in the hospital... being told I had to stay. They finally let me out of there once they were done with all their testing gave me a bunch of medicine and referred me to a specialist. It took all day, I finally got home late at night... So even though I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk I could still make the show. My only worry was that I could actually enjoy the weekend and not fight the pain the whole time. What a shit thing to happen before my dream trip.

Onto Philly. Smooth only 2 hour flight from West Palm. I found Philly to be a very dirty and unfriendly city. The people that live there have a chip on their shoulder and act that way ALL THE TIME. Being nice to them only makes them snear at you harder. I only met 3 nice people in the 3 days I was there and it turns out they were all from Florida.....HA HA... Small world. I couldn't walk more than a few steps without pain so our attempt to sight see didn't work out so well cause I couldn't walk. Was able to see the city and sights a bit until I couldn't take the walking pain no more. I did get an authentic cheese steak and what they say about them is true for sure. I had no idea Rog was gonna throw out the first pitch otherwise I would have bought a bleecher ticket just to get in. The stadiums are all in the same lot. Enough with the set-up now for the shows...

Night 1.....Great Crowd. Our seats were dead center to Rogs' mic once again but this time in the 16th row. I always shop for seats dead center to mic in the front sec. I will say that the indoor venue definitely works better for this 2007 version of the show. The crowd was superb and we all know this would be the same area that the Camden show was last year so what was to happen during LB this time? Rog was very nervous the first night before the LB speech he kinda fluffed everyone up and buttered us up before the speech saying how great Philly is and all that. He couldn't easily hide his nervous tension, even studdered a sec.. You could tell he was hoping it wouldn't happen again, and it didn't. The crowd went wild for the song and Rog was touched. The next night he wasn't nervous at all and just went right into the LD speech). The show was excellent!!!! Very tight and oh so moving. These shows are over way too fast. The Pig I will add seems to be a great deal smaller indoors than it was in West Palm and Tampa. West Palm and Tampa had gigantic enormous pigs compared to this indoor one. But the pig was controled by remote so it's better for the show. The spaceman also remote controlled and they start that from the rear of the venue. So if you don't look behind you it's on top of you before you know it. The Prism is working perfectly now like it should and before you know it show 1 is over and we are on our way to the trains.

Show 2.....This night is one of the greatest nigts of my life up to this point... 3rd row dead center to Rogs' mic once again. This show went off even better than the night before. This show was unreal... superb... outrageous... fantastic, please choose one or all of those words. I'll never again sit anywhere but the first 5 rows EVER again... whatever the cost. I've sat front row center twice in my life and this was just almost as good. One thing about reviews I hate is that you can't ever describe the actual feeling of being there so I can't even try. It was life changing it was that damn itch that finally was scratched. I was able to connect personally with Rog, Snowy and Ian, and it's quite a feeling, one that you can't put a price on. I had a crappy throw away camera so once I get it develped I'll try to post pics. I can't go through and describe the whole show. I'm not gonna get into what mistakes were made. The mistakes don't matter what really matters is what kind of people are sitting around you. That can actually make or break your show. There was a guy behind us in the 4th row who felt the need to call every friend in his address book to tell them that he was in the fourth row. Finally during STCFTHOTS I had to turn around and snear at him to get him off the phone. This is not like me to do, but I guess that Philly attitude had rubbed off on me already. He deserved it anyway there was about 10 of us that wanted to, finally I just did it. All in all I been to 4 shows on the 07 tour, 3 shows on the 06 tour and this was the best of the best for me. It was the total package. A close second would be Tampa, 3rd would be the 1st Philly show and lastly West Palm. The West Palm show was the only show of the 4 that went off without a hitch though but that don't matter to me at all. The only way I'd ever go back to Philly is to see another show but even then it would have to be my only choice to get me back to that rude terrible unfriendly city. I've been to nearly every major city in the US and Philly is King of the bottom although Atlanta runs a close second. No wonder it only cost me $45 each way on the plane. Can't pay people to go there.

I feel very satisfied after the 4th show. If I can't make it to another one on this tour it doesn't matter to me. I feel complete, I feel refreshed, I feel renewed. All because of the 4th show. I can't stress enough that you should spend the bucks to get the good seats (5rows) otherwise the further back you are the easier it is for the fans around you to ruin your show. That's all I have for now. All you lucky ones that still get to enjoy the last 6 weeks of this tour... Good luck and God Bless you all... Now I must go tend to my pains and recovery...

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