Poem inspired by Pink Floyd
Written by Paul Kelly   
Monday, 12 August 2019

Here at Brain Damage we always encourage visitors to share their thoughts, views and more, about Pink Floyd. Often these come in the form of concert reviews, or comments about releases (be them new releases or reissues), but sometimes they come in the form of memories. If you have a desire to write something about the band, or individual members, we're always delighted to hear from you!

In the following case, it's in the form of feelings - Pink Floyd's music has a big effect on people, and Paul Kelly, a BD visitor, has written a poem about the band and how the music has been an important part of his life as he grew up:

Discovery - by Paul Kelly
Four young men met in Cambridge.
They decided to form a band
setting off on a journey
of discovery
through a sonic land.

From songs about a bike
and a gnome and
Granchester meadow too.

Atomic hearted mothers
to the endless river.
Their audio visions were
something to behold.
The concerts and tours
became bigger and better.

The songs and the music
reached into a young man's heart
and spoke to his broken soul.

On a rainy night in London,
he stood in a crowd,
looking up at an amazing wall.
As it crashed down in the finale
he realised how this band,
of magical musicians,
had helped him through it all.

- Paul Kelly.