Gerald Scarfe's Wall artwork up for sale
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 09 March 2017

Scarfe at Sotheby's auction catalogue - April 2017Gerald Scarfe's iconic artwork for Pink Floyd's The Wall ensured the work instantly grabbed the public's attention, with imagery that fascinated and repulsed in equal measure. For serious Floyd collectors, there are some opportunities coming up to own some original pieces of Scarfe's unforgettable work.

First, on April 5th, Sotheby's auction house in London are holding a Scarfe at Sotheby's sale. Some 140 or so pieces - ranging from his political caricatures through to his work on stage productions and Disney's Hercules film, via Pink Floyd The Wall - are being made available for bidders. There are fourteen Floyd pieces included, and estimates of the eventual selling prices reflect the unique and special nature of the work. More information can be found via

Second, another batch of seriously desirable original Pink Floyd pieces are going on sale at the San Francisco Art Exchange, and a major exhibition featuring the painting will start there in July. The paintings which are being offered through SFAE have been carefully selected by the artist as his most important works, and include several of the most famous images in rock history. Iconic artworks such as The Scream, Giant Judge and Hammers, The Mother, and The Teacher are available, along with several other blockbuster pieces including the massive original storyboard created for the film which incorporates 50 original renderings (measuring overall, a huge 8 foot x 3 foot). More information on their sale can be found through