David Gilmour and Polly Samson - In The Studio interview
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 27 September 2015

In The Studio with RedbeardThe latest episode of long-running, popular US syndicated radio show, In The Studio with Redbeard sits down with David Gilmour and his wife (and lyricist) Polly Samson to discuss all things Rattle That Lock.

With David singing Polly's lyrics, it requires a different approach to your own words, as David points out. "It takes thought and it takes concentration. I mean you have to live, and breathe, and believe the words you’re saying, and with most of Roger's brilliant lyrics and with Polly's lyrics too, I find that I can do that. I hope that I do it justice. But it is something you often think about. But, you know, you're forcing yourself to be that person who is using those words as if they were your own. I'm only borrowing them. I mean I've written enough songs with words of my own to know how it’s done."

The interview segment of the show (minus the music itself) can be heard in full through this direct link.