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Pink Floyd in Cambridge - BBC Radio special Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 22 December 2013

Grantchester Meadows road signThis coming Friday, December 27th, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire are airing a one-hour special called "Pink Floyd in Cambridge". Whilst details are very sketchy on this, they say that it gives the "story of the early years" of the band. We have no details of any of the content within - we presume that there will be some interviews included, but as to whom they spoke to, we don't currently know.

The show airs at 3pm GMT on Friday, and is repeated on New Year's Day (January 1st) at 1pm GMT. BBC radio can be heard in various ways in the UK and many parts of Europe - FM radio, DAB Digital, or via various digital, cable and satellite television services. Many programmes and station can also be heard worldwide via the BBC website, either live or on-demand through the iPlayer service (which is also now available for mobile devices). If it becomes available to hear after the event, we will update this story accordingly to include the direct link to the programme.

Our thanks to David Haddock and Warren Dosanjh for their help with this information.

UPDATE: We've now heard from the BBC that the programme "includes exclusive interviews with Jenny Spires who went out with Syd Barrett in the 60s, Warren Dosanjh who went to school with Syd and Roger Waters, and Wilf Scott who was a pyro-technician on Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh" tour of 1977."

LINN PLAYBACK PRESENTS 3 Nights Of Pink Floyd - review Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Povey   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon - Linn PlaybackWell, ever wondered what The Dark Side Of The Moon sounds like on a £50,000 hi-fi system? A lot better than the CD player in the car, that's for sure. I was one of a lucky handful of applicants offered free tickets on a first-come first-served basis to attend the first sitting of a three-day showcase at The Sound Gallery in High Wycombe on 9 December to listen to Pink Floyd's classic album on a very special hi-fi system.

Store manager Ronnie Handkammer first had the idea of staging a listening party earlier in the year to tie in with the 40th anniversary of Linn hi-fi. Pink Floyd was the obvious choice of listening matter with the Dark Side Of The Moon also celebrating its 40th anniversary. Bizarrely the first person Ronnie shared this concept with was a long-standing customer who helpfully chipped in that he was a friend of Chris Adamson, the man responsible for the spoken word passage, "I've been mad for fucking years..."

Adamson, the one-time Floyd roadie keeps himself busy these days by heading up Rock-It Cargo, possibly the most renowned entertainment freight forwarding company in the world. Between stops on Fleetwood Mac's European tour and a Tom Petty US tour Chris kindly signed and inscribed a copy of the album with his immortal words to be given away in a prize draw at the event.

Brain Damage website Friday evening Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Just a little bit of advance notice for you: we've been advised that Friday evening (December 13th, around 11:59pm GMT) our website hosts are doing a major server move to upgraded premises. There is expected to be a short period, possibly in the region of four hours, when Brain Damage will be unavailable. They promise though things WILL be back to normal after that period, and the site should be running in a more secure, resilient location.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. Hopefully the outage will be minimal!

David Gilmour et al - Smoke On The Water interview Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Monday, 09 December 2013

In 1989, following the Armenian earthquake, the biggest names in rock (including David Gilmour) united to re-record Smoke On The Water under the banner of Rock Aid Armenia. As part of the record promotion, Rock Aid Armenia and the BBC did a live broadcast to the USSR. Millions of people tuned in to hear Ian Gillan, David Gilmour and Bruce Dickinson being interviewed about their role in the Rock Aid Armenia project.

The footage of that BBC broadcast was thought to be long lost, but has recently turned up, and can be seen here:

According to the BBC, over 20 million people tuned in from the USSR. As you'll, the footage includes David explaining why he hadn't asked Ian Gillan to join Pink Floyd "we couldn't afford him", and is asked why Roger Waters left Pink Floyd...

The original 1989 Rock Aid Armenia version of Smoke on the Water was remixed in 2010 and released via iTunes and CD/DVD. The aim was to raise funds to build the music school that had not been properly rebuilt after the 1989 earthquake (it was 25 years ago this month that the quake took place).

Jon Dee, the organiser, told us this weekend that he was "glad to say that a few months ago we finally finished the fundraising and building works and opened the new music school in Gyumri in the earthquake zone - it's big enough to teach 200 kids. The new school looks great (we built it totally from scratch). And every cent that we raised went straight to the school rebuilding programme - not a cent was spent on admin.

"Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi also helped us with the fundraising - they visited the temporary school with me that we knocked down and replaced. Ian also turned up to open the school with me, the President of Armenia and Ara Tadevosyan (my charity partner in Armenia who co-organised the rebuilding with me)."

The promo video and the 2010 remix are still available on iTunes and all money raised from the downloads of this will go towards the new school to pay for instruments and any ongoing repairs. Please visit for much more about this worthy project, including studio outtakes and photos.

New interview with Roger Waters - listen now Print E-mail
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 07 December 2013

Le Mur a Des Oreilles (The Wall has ears; conversation for Palestine) have just posted a new, exclusive interview with Roger Waters, talking about his music, the political role of artists and his activism for justice around the world, including in Palestine.

The transcript of the interview can be read through this link (it's a PDF file so will need an appropriate reader - most will be fine but if you need something to read the file, visit You can also hear it on demand, below:

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